< br>
– he said the owner of the safe and they lift the

He purchases the products at wholesale, at $50 dollars a product. Thus Rex the retailer makes 50% on everything he sells. Rex is so happy, he paid $500 for the products, retailed same for $1000 and made a clear profit of $500.

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– [A]] Manshiyya:
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Sidi Beshr: Grammar, sentence structure and / or amend sensitive content CAESAR TECH – 42. CAESAR TECH – 42 El Bekbashy El Essawy St., Computer Market, Sidi Beshr, 01202970573, 01125660330, 2) M / Fady Said – Compu Smart – Bekbashy El Essawy St. – Beside the computer market – in front of the electricity company – Sidi Beshr – 01229414588 – 01008783913
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