Bobcats have worked hard at competing in practicing

WEST VANCOUVER Misa Ko, one of those fast Vancouver runners who loves a good joke and knows this sloth like shuffler struggles to supply them most days, pointed to her new Respect Your Universe ballcap Saturday and said: RYU Year, get it? may be pretty slow on race courses these days, but yes, I got it. How I ended up in this pack beats me, but once they started the run I found myself playing sweeper faster than you can say the heck did everyone go? founder Kirill Solovyev, pretty pumped about the new sweet medals (as he should be) for the annual West Van Run 5K and 10K race weekend on March 3 and 4, invited this scribe to come and enjoy a free breakfast and see the must have bling at the spacious Respect Your Universe (RYU) retail outlet in Park Royal mall. He figured I should also bring the runners and workout gear and join the 80 plus Crew members for an early morning workout..

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Recently impressed me with the enthusiasm and the energy they bring to practice,” Rodman. Bobcats have worked hard at competing in practicing. They’ve also shown a willingness to change it up.

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