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“I was looking for a musical voice,” he said. “I thought: ‘Steve Reich uses Ghanaian music, Phil Glass uses jazz instrumentation, La Monte Young comes out of Indian music. I’ve got to find my own thing.’ Then I heard the Ramones, and I said, ‘That’s my voice.’ The next day I got a Fender Telecaster, and that was the start of my long love with the electric guitar.”.

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Pierre. There had been a rumor that the king of France, Louis XVI, had abolished slavery.”The rebellious blacks,” writes Laurent, citing government accounts, “armed with the instruments they use to cut sugarcane, refused to work, saying loudly that they were free.”The French Revolution spurred the abolition of slavery in 1794, although it was re established in 1802. Slavery throughout the French Empire finally ended in 1848.Port townFort de France is an aged but likable port town where most islanders more than 100,000 people reside.

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