Bilkom Virtual Room

Why the Virtual Room?

Because in the age of technology, it is so easy to come together virtually if not physically, and get informed on your favourite topics in the digital life. All you need is an internet access! For your ease, Bilkom realizes 45 minutes of virtual meetings in the company of Digital Life Coaches, and provides meeting and training opportunities with free live chats.

What are the Topics of the Virtual Room?

With the most frequently asked questions about Bilkom represented brands in particular, many chat topics including practical information from the digital life are carried on in the Virtual Room. Here are the most popular topics from the Virtual Room according to survey results:

Out of the Common Travel Tips from the Mobile Traveler (DLC: Nihal Ege)

Journals in the Pink; Digital Publications (DLC: Salih Aksu)

Apple in the World of Microsoft, Microsoft in the World of Apple (DLC: Barış Kanlıca)

So Much More than PDF (DLC: Salih Aksu)

Adobe Creative Cloud (DLC: Doğa Som)

Who Can Participate?

Bilkom Virtual Room Webinar meetings are open to everyone and every institution with an interest in the subject which are announced on our social media accounts and emails.

To leave your email address, you can mail us at or fill in the application form.

What If You Missed the Virtual Room?

If you have missed a Bilkom Virtual Room meeting, you can reach the past records from the “Digital Life Coach” video categories on (