Baltimore is a smaller but busy city today: Progress on the

A World Cup game just ended and Kirstie Ward serves up drinks. “I love this place,” she proclaims as she talks about the people. It’s not true, of course. Baltimore is a smaller but busy city today: Progress on the east side, progress on the west side; expanding universities and medical institutions; a redeveloped waterfront; thriving waterfront neighborhoods and stable residential neighborhoods across big swaths of the city; improving public schools; a professional sports complex that other cities have emulated; a growing arts, creative and entrepreneurial class..

I answered some here, and will continue to at least semi regularly do so as long as you guys keep coming. This is the first installment of the very unoriginal name: Twitterbag. The fish cakes came with a tasty spicy sauce and shredded cabbage. The curry was rich and the stir fried pork was flavourful, with a strong garlic hit.

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