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11- Personal protective equipment used in disaster sites
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Yellow Book 18 – Disinfection operations 19 – Emergency plans at work sites
4- Safety Management System:
1- Introduction to safety management Introduction to Safety Management – 2 – Understanding Safety – 3 – Safety Business – Business Safety – 4 – Safety Policy olicy – 5 – Management & Responsibilities – 6- Safety & Health Programs – 7- Safety Training Methods – 8 – Hazard Identification – 9 – Job Risk Analysis JHA – JSA – 10 – risk assessment – 11 – Safety reports and forms – 12 – Supervision and leadership – Supervisory and leadership in safety – 13 – Meetings of the effective safety committee Meetings – 14 – Evaluation of Safety Management System Evaluation – 15 – Organization SMS regulation
16 – Work permits work permit – 17 – Safety of self-inspections Safety Self-Inspections

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20 – Emergency Action Plans
21 – Emergency Preparedness
22 – Supervising and Leadership
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28 – contractors, suppliers and others
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