And the owner says to them: What is revealed to the Koran only

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Replica Hermes Bags This is the ability to see the correct vision which is formed by the human mind, culture, education, experience and religion. He is weakly visionary and weak The Qur’an considers that the vision of vision is much more important than the vision of sight in the verse: ((it does not blind eyes but blind hearts in the chests))

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Hermes Belt Replica She said: O Messenger of Allaah, what has come down on you?

He said, “Fatima, Gabriel came to me and described the gates of hell to me. Tell me that in the top of her door the people of greatness of my nation, that is who cried me and saddened me))

She said: O Messenger of Allah how to enter it?

He said: ((Angry angels to the fire, Their faces, their eyes are not blue, their eyes are not blue, their mouths are not sealed, they do not associate with the devils, and chains and shackles are not placed on them.)

She said: O Messenger of Allah, how are the angels leading them? He said: “The men are with their forearms, and the women are.” And how many of a young man who has been arrested for his beard, is led to the fire and he calls out: Wshababah and best photographed, and how many of the women of my nation has caught the corner of the lead To the fire and she is calling: and I left him and you will see him, until they finish them to the owner, if Malik said to the angels said: Which of these? With devils and chains and shackles were not placed in their necks!!

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