And not the end of the mirror

Concomitent, s a ncercat s se dea o fa legal preteniilor expansioniste britanice, astfel c n 10 noiembrie 1829 a fost emis o declaraie de protest fa de crearea comandamentului argentinian, invocndu se “drepturile de suveranitate ale Majestii sale Britanice asupra insulelor”. N anii urmtori, Marea Britanie a continuat aceeai politic expansionist, implicnd i Statele Unite. Pe 31 mai 1831, corveta american Lexington, arbornd pavilion francez, debarc mai muli marinari americani n Port Soledad, care vor incendia localitatea sub pretextul arestrii de ctre argentinieni a unor nave ce pescuiau ilegal n zon.

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Who will protect me from anyone else?
Who will make me jealous of others?
Who will force me on this world other than you? On your obedience O Allah, I know that you love me because I am your poor slave, who has no one but you all the time, O God, make me fear you. A refuge but you, O Allah, you know what is in my life, all the outward and the hidden What I know and what you know from me Astgfrk and repent to you O God, take my hand to guide and Esther Ali and all Muslims Praise be to Allah
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