An infrared illuminator’s illumination is not visible to the

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Oh God, have mercy on us, you are merciful, and do not torture us, then you are mighty. O judge of the needs

We ask you, O Lord, a mercy to guide our hearts
Oh God, support Islam and the most cherished Muslims
and destroyed the enemies of religion
Oh God, take them Aziz Aziz, br> we see them aso days D – Arna them the wonders of your ability – I show them Bask that does not respond to the criminals people
Remove the weakness and love of the world of our hearts and replaced by God, our love of the Hereafter
O Karim Akramna
O nice of the child

O Allah, bless us in your cause and your destiny to be worthy of your generosity O Akram Al Akramin He can not do anything in the earth nor in the sky. And relieve our necks, O mercy of the merciful
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O Allah, pray on Muhammad The number of active clouds arrived on Muhammad The number of atomic winds from the day the world was created to the Day of Resurrection every day thousand times..

O Allah, bless Muhammad How many winds do you have? And his movement of branches and trees and leaves and fruits and all created on your land and between your heavens from the day of the creation of the world to the Day of Resurrection every day thousand times..

O Allah, pray to Muhammad Number of stars of heaven from M created the world to the Day of Resurrection in every day a thousand times Replica Hermes.