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Dream and courage

—————— Abdullah bin Zubair – may Allah be pleased with them Farm in the city adjacent to the farm owned by Muawiya bin Abi Sufyan – may Allah be pleased with them

One day the workers of the farm of Muawiya entered the farm of Ibn al-Zubayr

The same was repeated in previous days. Ibn al-Zubayr was angry and wrote to Mu’awiya in Damascus.

From Abdullah ibn al-Zubayr to Mu’awiyah After

your workers entered my farm and let them go out of it..

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.. أستغفر الله.. أستغفر الله.. With one book to her credit Get Size Wise: Training for Life for The Indian Woman, Dr Sheela Nambiar is all set to answer your weight loss and training queries with her second outing Gain To Lose: An Essential Guide to Losing Fat by Gaining Muscle, published by Rupa Publications.Here, we dig out a few questions from one of the most interesting chapters from her latest book, for all those mulling over why women should or should not train with weights.Q. Will I get masculine and muscular if I train with weights?A. Masculine, no.

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