Aitazaz also cited the 1997 attack by the PML N at the SC

Aitzaz said he was still thinking that what reasonswould be given in the SC decision. A corruption allegation is sufficient to dissolve the PPP government, while the Nawaz Sharif’s government was still there even after corruption was proved. He said the Sharif family was dealt with leniently.Aitazaz also cited the 1997 attack by the PML N at the SC. Time and time again I hear small businesses being asked how they different from their competition and then responses of cheaper give better service been established longer and so on. To be honest with you, I would expect you to offer great service, to know what you doing and to offer me the best rate that to me is a given. What I really want to know is why I should use your products or services as opposed to your competitors.. January or February. The vast majority of people who need winter coats have them by then, so coats and other winter clothes often go on sale starting in January. The longer you wait, the lower the prices retailers will need to make room for spring clothing. We try on something and it looks good at the time. We get home and we look in the mirror again and we go “Oh, what the heck were we thinking?” We need to be willing to confront the information that is in front of us and do something about it. Don’t be in a state of denial..

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