After the Houthi group joined the forces of change of the

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Hermes Replica The Council entrusted many of the symbols of Muslim scholars, including Abdullah bin Biyeh, Salman al-Awda, Ahmad al-Khalili and Muhammad Ali Teshkiri. 2/2010 The truce agreement between the government and Hawtha was announced to end the fifth war

* On 7/7/2010 the government announced The Yemeni and the words of Deputy Prime Minister for Defense and Security and the Minister of Local Administration reached an agreement with the militia of al-Huthi to stop the sixth war with expansion Houthi arrived in the entire province of Saada and Harf Sufyan of Amran in the removal of the militia Houthi of Bani Hashish Directorate and the maximum whose gunmen from the governorates of Al-Jawf and argumentHowever, Saada remained under the control of the state until the youth revolution broke out to occupy the people and the state with change and by surprise. After the Houthi group joined the forces of change of the revolution, the militias passed on Saada province and Harf Sufyan. Hermes Replica

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