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Although its five chapters are labeled “acts,” they more closely resemble the movements of a musical suite, each composed in a different style.The instrument’s creation in 1699 is described in a conventional, third person narrative although little about cantankerous Stradivari seems conventional. Next comes a series of letters by Mozart, whose fancy has been captured by Antonietta and by the female pupil who plays her.The instrument then passes into the hands of a French violinist who delivers a first person account of his visits to Berlioz; fired up by Antonietta’s music, the composer writes the “Symphonie Fantastique.” Seventy years later, the violin again functions as a muse, this time helping inspire Stravinsky’s “L’Histoire du Soldat.”Finally, in 1989, Antonietta is purchased by an American arbitrageur. Now the genre is a television script; TV has replaced music as the universal language, and a tool to communicate music has become a commodity to be traded.How much of Mr.

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