86- is the first to pass the path

The Ellena period has not begat its spartan fruit yet.The scent of 24, Faubourg is floral, undeniably floral, white floral drenched in honeyed tones, to be exact, not just “a floral”. It the floral to end all florals, and yet it not only floral. Instead, a perfectly judged, lush, satisfying, calorific, dare I say it, yes, I will, RICH effect comes out of that lovely bottle shaped like a carr silk scarf that the Dumas house is famous the world over for.Although the orange blossom and the jasmine and the (rather less copious in the mix) gardenia owe as much to analytical chemistry as they owe to nature laboratory, the experience feels like a silken thread woven by some exotic insect with beautiful wings in an engulfing tropical greenhouse.The allusion to the sun is nowhere more evident than in the advertising images which reflect the golden, ambery aura of the scent.

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85 – is a witness to the prophets of their nations.

86- is the first to pass the path.

87 – is the first to enter Paradise, which is forbidden to people until you enter it. Hermes Birkin Replica

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