5, and hasn broken below the 91 mark since January 1, 2015

For young men and women who have graduated and are not working at the salary of Ques Ayazen filled the content and employment in the field of the future of the future
Telecom companies require technical support staff in Cairo and Giza with a salary starting from 2200 to 3100
Non-incentives and promotions every 6 months < br> Deh, but your work 9 hours of them a hour and a quarter https://www.calabipartners.com of a break
Dekman Lake and Leki health and social insurance
De non annual vacations paid for wages
Htchgloa 5 days a week and two days rest
بس لينا Terms and Conditions If you are a young man, you will have a specific position from the army. Exemption or delay. The age of at least 21 years and not more than 29 years.

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