1 billion, up from $900 million in 2017

Ahmad Al-Rifa’i Party (may Allah be pleased with him)

This blessed party is called the Observatory Party, witnesses and secrets. Izz al-Din al-Sayyid Ahmad al-Sayadi, Qods Sarra and others, said this noble rose that he received from his grandfather The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) had no means and took his covenant and gave it to him in the world of meaning. He mentioned that the one who recited it in his lifetime once denied God his body on the fire and raised it to the work of the people of the taqleen and looked at it every day seventy times and opened the doors of the charity of the world and the Hereafter Faith is full of non-sedition and baffled by the angels every day seventy times.

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Replica Hermes I ask him forgiveness, good health and good conclusion. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, the old one in himself, the Sunnah, and the one who does not have the right to do so. And I have witnessed that our master Muhammad, who opened God in terms of the doors of existential origin and stamped image system prophets and messengers honored and included the name of Sharif on the Four letters of the alphabet for each letter, including the merit and the denominator Valamim the first of the prophet and the messenger of the Creator of the light of his beautiful nature is undoubtedly the origin of the inspiration and Hh protect for those who believe in it and follow the Mnathih and denied the integrity of his message and stick to his Sunnah and other key Mercy the day of presentation on the world of secrets The hidden and the call for his intercession to his mother has been hidden by him in the knowledge of the King, the All-Knowing, peace be upon him and his family and his companions in the pulley and on the eve of prayer and peace lasting and interdependent Replica Hermes.