From the mid 1970s to the early 1990s

/ 2010 The Qatari mediation was revived for the third time, but suddenly – after an unspoken agreement between the Authority and the Houthis – the role of the country was neutralized again and the Authority had announced a shooting agreement in Harf Sufyan on 11/8/2010
12/8 / 2011 A cease-fire agreement was reached between the Houthi and Al-Jouf tribes under the auspices of the Joint Meeting and supporters of Al-Houthi And the National Revolutionary Council through a committee headed by Assistant Secretary General of the Socialist Party Yahya Amin Abu 8/12/2011 The Houthi militia signed an agreement with the tribes of Khashar in Hajjah province to stop the confrontations and the war between the two parties under the supervision of the Social Peace Committee in the province of Hajjah and in the presence of a number of Local and social leaders from * * On 21/6/2012 a local mediation committee of sheikhs and elders of the province of Saada to mediate and stop the first spark of confrontations between the militias Replica Hermes Belts Houthi and the sons of Dmaj, which is known as mediation. * * On 17/12/2012 succeeded Tribal mediation Headed by Sheikh / Hussein bin Abdullah al-Ahmar in stopping the first war on Damaj and Fakka Siege of Al-Huthi

On 9/10/2013 Sheikh / Hussein Al-Ahmar returned to the head of a tribal group for mediation again in the Second Houthi war on Damaj but his efforts ended. * On 16/12/2013, local mediation between tribal sheikhs and Waela failed.

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